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Never settle for services because they are "okay". Get service that is amazing!

Business Services

Our vast services allow you to have one company for all your technology needs.

Website Design & Development

Websites are a critical asset to every business. Websites provide a front-line communication for any business.

VoIP Phone System & Service

Bring your business into a digital world with out state of the art phone system. Features texting, mobile app, and IVR.

Managed IT Services

Full time IT service isn't needed when done correctly! Our team is ready for anything, from computers to advanced networks. Save money and get it done right.

About Us

Found in 2006, Zynimus Company has been growing at a slow, yet functional pace. Originally starting out as a computer repair service, we have evolved into web development, IT services, and VoIP phone systems. Evolving quickly allowed us to jump into a new market and allows us to maintain a very competitive edge.