What is an MSP? MSP stands for multi service provider. This allows for a company to assist and manage many different services your business may use, from websites, networking, voip phones, to massive network implantation and build.

The Masters of All Trades

Tech Support

Everyone needs tech support here and there. Zynimus offers onsite and remote tech support for users, computers, servers, and networking.

We Offer so much, we can't list is all, but here are a few:

  • Microsoft Office & Email
  • Computer repair, replacement, and maintenance.
  • Onsite and remote technical support.
  • Anti-virus management
  • Network security and web filters.
  • Citrix & other VPN Support
  • VoIP Phones & Network


We do it all! From simple office WiFi to connecting numerous office locations together, we can build, managed, maintenance it all.

Here is another list, we can't list is all, but here are a few:

  • Office & Guest WiFi
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network security and firewalls
  • Private VPN and Webfilters
  • Citrix & other VPN Support
  • VoIP Phones & Network
  • Internet service connections and setup

Stay Online & Secured

Any type of technology outage your failure can mean major losses for your company. Zynimus strives to maintain the highest quality uptime along with award winning customer service.

It's hard to put a list together of just everything in an office environment that we service and manage, but here are some miscellaneous things.

  • Websites and Emails
  • Servers and hardware
  • Network cable pulls / drops
  • Internet Service Setup and Resell
  • Network firewalls, WiFi, and security
  • Video software, hardware, projectors
  • Kitchen management systems
  • IoT devices and configuring.