We were NexTech from 2006 to 2015, then evolved into Zynimus Company!

Nothing too fancy

Our story

Zynimus Company once went by NexTech Professionals, but another company seems to have “come up” with the same name, so we decided to really get unique. By the way it’s pronounced “Z-eye-ninums”

Founded Zynimus in 2006, the company originally started out in computer repair and was gaining popularity quickly with repair time and pricing. Since those days, home computers started to fade as smart devices hit the market. Present day, Zynimus now specializes in business services for a digital world, providing small businesses and startups with the affordable IT solutions including: Web sites, online stores, phone services, managed IT services, and business development. Today, we maintain a very diverse client base and treat each and very client as family through the good times and bad.

What make us special?

While our services are pretty standard, it’s the backbone behind Zynimus that sets us a part. Many web companies and IT companies resell 90% of their products. We didn’t like that idea, so we built our own. Right in the heart of Texas, lives our data center. Meaning all websites, phone servers and other “cloud” computing are right here in the US of A. Our computing and hosting is never outsourced in other countries.