Check out our quite comical Questions and Answers!

Yes, some of these are real asked questions! Others we added for fun, humor, or general knowledge. As a very dear person use to say
“No matter how old you get, you learn something new everyday!” – Hazel Price

Q: Are you actually giving away a free website?

A: Yes! But not just one, we have hidden codes all over the website. Yes, there is some fine print, see the under Promos page. Hint, one is pretty close…..

Q: Why pay for a website when I can get a free or cheap one on Wix or

A: This is a great question, with the free or cheap websites, security isn’t included. Many times expensive add-ons or plugins are needed. Additionally, these add-ons can be complicated to install, configure, and get to work for more than five minutes.

Q: Will you make a cake for a gay wedding?

A: This wasn’t actually asked, but it annoyed us enough to add it here. While we don’t have the RAM to make a cake, we would try for you! We do not discriminate against anyone, because we like money, but more importantly, it’s simply not right.

Q: How long does building a website take?

A: While time can vary based on the requirements, the average website for a business to express their services and a couple of contact forms can on average be completed within 72 hours! I know, fast huh?

Q: What is a domain name?

A: A domain name is the address assigned to a website, such as is our domain name. Furthermore, a sub domain is a suffix added to the domain name like: <- you can click on it, it’s safe ๐Ÿ™‚

Q: What color was that dress on Facebook?

A: Very good question…. We assume color was irrelevant, it was a dress they simply couldn’t afford.

Q: Are your servers actually hosted in the United States?

A: There has been speculation, but yes! We have servers in Ohio, Virginia, and Texas. The only time servers may be used is when hosting age restricted websites or content.

Q: How do I email helpdesk if my email isn't working?

A: Yes, funny right? It’s actually a good question. You can email [email protected] from any email as long as you tell us who you are. In addition, we have many methods we can be reached at, like the phone, smoke signals, pay phone, you know the usual stuff.

Q: What the heck is VoIP and why is it typed funny?

A: VoIP is actually just an abbreviation because voice of internet protocol is just a finger, er, mouth full. Basically it is voice or phone, transmitted through the internet instead of phone lines like in the good ‘ol days.ย  Fun fact, in some areas, the internet is using those old phone lines! What is the internet protocol? See the next question ๐Ÿ˜€

Q: Is adult content permitted?

A: Why wouldn’t it be? Yes, there are some additional steps, but…. got any good stuff?

Q: What is an IP

A: IP stands for internet protocol. This is a unique assignment to devices in a network. The easiest way to explain without a college lecture. Think of a house phone, when you set up service, you’re issued a phone number, which in turn you give out to that guy you met last night. An IP is basically a phone number assigned to your expensive iPhone.

Q: If I have a domain name, why do I need an IP?

A: Another funny, yet legit question. A domain name is actually assigned to point at an IP address. Example when you enter, it asks a server “What’s google internet phone number?”, which an operator, aka DNS server provides and redirects you to google’s website. Neat huh? It can actually be a huge pain in the ash.

Q: Can you build a website on the Dark Web?

A: …..

Q: What is the answer to that math problem on Facebook: 6 รท 2(1+2) = ?

Q: Why are none of these questions and answers actually helpful?

A: Well, simply put. Could Wal-Mart make money if they just gave stuff away instead of charging for it? – No. Actually we are nicer than them. Check out our knowledge base at it’s not going to tell you how to fix it, but it may point you in the right direction.

Q: "I'm offended, who do I need to talk to?"

A: This is something we’ve heard a time or two. The answer is simple…. we don’t care, we are based in Texas. We do not cater to that stuff, we work hard like everyone else does. If we offend you with a joke, we will apologies, if your method of business offends you, call Best Buy.

Q: "Your helpdesk agent told me to shut up".

A: Yep, that happened. In our defense, this person call our help desk agent and we quote: “You’re nothing but a waste of time and completely stupid. I don’t have time to test this f********* thing.” Yes, her name was Karen. Who recently was forced to pay her owned invoice of $25. While telling a client to shut-up is not encouraged. Our team members have full ability to defend their selves. So remember, be nice. It’s okay to be mad, we will be mad at it with you!
To make it better, she had told us of the issue, it was fixed and she was asked to test it within 20 minutes of the time she told us something was wrong.

Q: "Can I have an email server like Hillary's".

A: Of course! We will even throw in an easy delete button!

Q: Why are your costs so much cheaper than others? Are you a scam or beginner?

A: You guessed it, real question! We lost a major potential customer because they thought we were a scam! Our pricing is low, because we simply don’t understand why others are so high? Probably because we don’t own a car for each day of the week or own fancy golf clubs that are never touched. To get a better idea, see the founder’s statement in the about section.

Q: What is your mission statement?

A: ?? To fix stuff and build awesome websites…. duh? Eh, we will make one when we’re bored.