*Note, as of 02/13/2020, we no longer support Square Payment integrations, unless agreed upon.

Need some online payments?

Accepting payments on your website or web application can be quickly integrated and allow for a long time convince for you and your customers.

The best part is, depending on how much you plan to process in a month, you can get the integration completely free! But don’t worry, the integration costs very little. Existing clients that have other services, will receive this integration at no additional cost to your invoice.
We take security for users seriously, to better assist, Zynimus has partnered with Stripe Inc to deliver faster, dependable, and security credit card process to all platforms.

Why is credit card processing mostly free?

With Stripe, we are able to charge their default processing fees, the more the cheaper. In additional, an application fee is tacted on to the processing fee, of which we negotiate. The more credit cards you process, the better deal we can get on rates!

Here is the credit process flow:

So what is the fee?

This fee can change at any time versus what is stated here.

Fee as of 3/22/2020:
Stripe Inc 2.9% + 30ยข per transaction

Zynimus Application Fee
1% per transaction (negotiable)
** Application fee is not on all items for processing, certain software, will allow for applications fees to be waived.