Special Notice

Many clients have been reaching out to Zynimus staff members on their personal numbers. This has cause many issues/concerns to go unanswered or unresolved. We ask that all clients please contact us using our business phone number to ensure no issues go unresolved. This allows us to provide the upmost customer care.

Clients can text or call our main number for convience
(469) 496-5888

Additionally, please understand that like our clients, we also hire staff members to help keep things moving. We’ve grown quite a bit and have extra hands assiting. You may get a check up call from a team member or a response from someone other than Chris.

Who doesn't love Black Friday!?!?

Since web design and IT services aren’t just a quick one-time buy, we are running the sale for the rest of the year!

Here is the sales:

  • Refer a new customer and get a $200 gift card to spend anywhere!1
  • New VoIP phone services, get free phones!2
  • New website customers, no signup fee!3

These are wild sales, but worth every little bit!

Of course there is fine print, but it’s not all bad.

1Gift cards are sent via mail for referred customers, after referee has completed a full billing cycle of 1 month. No limits!
2Free phones are provided lease free for the 1st year of service. Phones are considered leased and remain owned by Zynimus Company.
3New website customers setting up an informational website get the initial setup fee waived!

New Server Deployment

After many recent issues with data centers, severs, and outages; we are upgrading!

We have purchased several new servers that are currently being built and deployed. Here are a few changes and other things to expect in the next 30 days.

  • All Zynimus hosted email accounts will be migrated to the new servers, this may cause a temporay outage in sending / receiving emails. This however, will be performed after hours to reduce impact.
  • Websites will be consolidated and migrated into the new, more powerful servers.


**Please keep an eye out for emails for us for updates and status changes that may impact your services.


Pricing & Policy Updates

Effective Jan 1, 2024. All clients must have a payment method on file for services. This is not auto pay, but clients can enroll in auto pay at anytime using our billing portal.

If you haven’t done so already, please make sure to register for our online billing portal at https://billing.zynimus.com If you never received an invite to the portal, shoot us a text or email and we will get it sent over.

The portal offers many options for clients, such as:

  • Invoice history.
  • Billing and payment statements (great for tax time).
  • Manage payment methods and autopay.


Billing Policy Changes:

  • Effective Jan 1, 2024. No discounts greater than 25% will be applied nor honored on any invoices. Clients will discounts greater than 25% will see a reduction to 25%. If this will cause an excessive price increase. Please reach out to us at support@zynimus.com
  • Effective immediately: Invoices that are past due will receive a 15% late fee on the 3rd day past the invoice due date.
  • Effective immediately: Services will be suspended for non-payment on the 10th day past the due date. Services that are suspended will incur a suspension fee of $50.00 to re-instate services. Invoices that exceed 30 days past due, will be assumed abandoned, and contract penalties will be applied. Any domains, backups, or data will have to be purchased from Zynimus Company.