Zynimus Helpdesk

Oh no! Let’s create a ticket and get you on you’re way!

We have 3 easy ways to create a ticket for help desk. Look below and select the option you like best!

Tips for fastest response:

  • Best courteous
  • Provide as much detail as you can
  • If urgent, please call us at (469) 496-5888 or Click the chat bubble in the lower-left
 Please note: New clients seeking computer assistance remotely will be required to provide payment method before services are rendered. Existing clients not using managed IT services will be invoiced.

Select an option to create a ticket

Email Us

Using a working email account, send an email to [email protected], a ticket will auto create and send you a confirmation.


- OR -

Use the portal

We have a help desk portal welcome to all clients, which includes a knowledge base for self help options. Following the link below to access the portal, this option allows you to customize and track your ticket! support.zynimus.com

You can also use the form below to create a ticket

(helpful, but optional)
Choose the option best associated with your request, this helps us quickly address your ticket. (optional though)
Please provide detailed information about your request, so we can get you going as soon as possible!