How did this happen?

It goes a little like this...

Zynimus was originally founded in 2006 as NexTech Professionals, a computer repair service. Over the years personal computers became more obsolete during the smart phone movement. Since then Zynimus has dug into a little more, our slogan “Your personal IT department”, thought of by a wonderful longtime customer. She claimed we were like her very own IT department, as we serviced everything electronic for her business and personal home. In 2015 NexTech was changed to Zynimus, meaning “To do too much”, we felt this was more fitting as we do a bit of everything. Now days we specialize in Web development, commercial networking, IT management, and other business solutions. Don’t worry will still do computer repair from time to time. However, in recent years, we have discontinued residential services in most cases, but we still offer assistance in certain circumstances, especially for our elders.

Okay, but how to you pronounce it?

We hear it pronounced all sorts of ways, but here is an audio clip of how to say it.